Henri Bendel,
holiday window display along 5th Avenue in New York City, November 2006. I created the models for the red fairies used in the display.
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Recent work 2013

"Come Along"


"Blue Moon "

"Fairy Tale "

"The Room "

"The Painter "

" Make a wish "

"The Harpist "

"Walk with A Duck"

"Sue and Sam"


" Are You There? "

" Together "

"Old Town "

"The Wonder Boy and His Time machine"

"Balletrina Mermaids "

"Dont turned my love upside down"

"Love letter "

"Magic Cups "

"Let's Play "

"In My Dream"

" Happy Together "

"Tied to The Thought"


" Friend "


"I want candy"

" Swing Me "


My work from 2008-2012

" Magaret" Sweet Princess

" Tonie" The Scarecrow

" Darlin" Bed timeFairy

" Jaster" and Jeter

"Rhainie" Havest Fairy

Merina : The Queen Mermaid

June : Fruit Pixie

Little Flight

Mushroom Fairy

Mya : Moon Fairy

Carina in The Garden

" Bianca" The Blue Mermaid

" Minie" Curious Mermaid

" Karin " with an old Hen

"Judith " Blessing Fairy

"Gigino" Green Pixie

Magot : House Fairy

Lala : The Musician

Momo : House Fairy

Mr. Green Devil

The Lover

Wonder Land

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